Flubendiamide is a unique double, the structure of new insecticides. pure white crystalline appearance of the class.
Melting point:217.5~220.7℃;
Decomposition temperature:255~260℃;
Vapor pressure(25℃):﹤1×10-1mPa;
Solubility:29.9μg/L(20℃)in water,
Flubendiamide is a worm pairs of amide original drug toxicity, two-amide 20% chlorine insect
WG is a medium toxicity.
Bees (contact) low toxicity, low risk;Of birds low toxicity, low risk;Low toxicity to fish,
low-risk;Highly toxic to silkworm, high risk;Application of the drug should pay attention to, and the mulberry fields in the vicinity of disabled Jamsil;Prohibit the washing water spraying devices such as Pond Sludge.
Flubendiamide has a stomach bug two-amide and contact toxicity.Lepidoptera pests on broad-
spectrum control effect,Of the beet armyworm, DBM, etc. have effects;On the larvae have a higher activity, and inhibition of insect feeding;Quick period could be kept longer.